Top 3 websites which helps you to get Free Fortnite v bucks (100% FREE)

Am a regular fortnite game player and I love this game. This is my gaming blog and I did a lot of research finding genuine fortnite free V Bucks. Unfortunately, a lot of sites turned out to be fake :(.But fortunately, I have found these 5 websites right now only 2 are working. I recommend fortnite guru because till today it’s working for me.i got 10,000 V bucks today and you can see the proof too. Below are the websites

1.fortnite battle (daily am getting 10,000 V bucks)

This is the only website help you get 10,000 v bucks daily I recommend you try this website only.below is the proof video

Proof Video 

Free imvu credits

I Have got 10,000 V bucks using This Website, am using daily so I never want to pay anything :).This is top website in my list to get fornite free V bucks other 4 from below a rarely using, so always try this only.

Free imvu credits

2. fortnite battle Online tool (Not working)

This website is not giving you any bucks even if you try million times. Their tool only looks good but it’s a fake tool where you get nothing in return so stay away from this website.

Website Link: I don’t wanna give but u can leave a comment below if you really want this website address 

3. fortnite online generator ( Not Giving you any resources from last month)  

I also don’t want to give URL of this website because till last month this website was working like the first one but now cuz of random reasons it’s not working :(, I will update if its start working again ?  

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